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Pin the Hose on the Fireman - 2 posters!

Pin the Hose on the Fireman - 2 posters!
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Ignite your next party with this outrageously sexy game! These firemen are trained to handle any fire, especially yours. Mouth to mouth, CPR, no problem. No fire too hot, no hose too long, these guys are ready!

The object of the game is to give the firemen the "equipment" they need to put out your fire! Spin and blindfold each participant and point them in the right direction. The hose closest to his equipment wins. Each guest should pick the hose that best describes their personality. OR, have the bachelorette 'assign' the hoses as she sees fit.

The winner gets to keep the firemen! The game includes 12 hoses and two 36X24 posters of hot sexy firemen to choose from. Hoses will need to be cut-out, so have scissors handy.

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