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Dicky Boppers

Dicky Boppers
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Dicky Boppers

Dicky Boppers are always a hit at bachelorette parties because of their naughty sparkle and bounce!

This is a MUST HAVE for your bachelorette to wear. OR, get enough for the whole crew and really 'stand' out!

Each of the 'Dickies' are covered in glitter and are 2.75" tall. Total length from the headband to the tip of the dicky is 6.5".

We sell more of these things than we should. I think it might be related to the picture of Liz. Liz wasn't too happy about having her picture taken with these on her head. You, however, will love watching your bachelorette moan and whine when people hit the Penis Dooby Boppers just to see them bounce.

The Penis Dooby Boppers come in red, purple, silver and gold. You will receive a random color.

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